BSA International Championships 2017, Maldon, England

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BSA International Championships 2017, Maldon, England

Postby Kubajzz » Fri 23. Dec 2016 12:55:18

The BSA International Championships will be held at Maldon (England) on 24th and 25th June 2017.
Check details on website.

Direct link to entry form: ... g/viewform

Direct link to entry list: ... -g/pubhtml
Jakub Vicher, CAFTA

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Re: BSA International Championships 2017, Maldon, England

Postby w-v-m » Sat 25. Feb 2017 13:10:26

Apologies, registered today, having forgotten that I'd already done so on 7/1/17, please remove 2nd entry.

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Re: BSA International Championships 2017, Maldon, England

Postby Laity » Thu 23. Mar 2017 11:26:01

Really looking forward to this comp , Cant wait to see everyone there . Lets hope the weather is good and on our side .. You know what England is like :D !

See you all soon


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Re: BSA International Championships 2017, Maldon, England

Postby Toucan59 » Sat 24. Jun 2017 17:01:27

Vince Holland|O|56
Justin Grice|O|56
Simon Vant|O|55
Gav Jones|O|55
Jakub Bradac|O|54
Richard Woods|O|54
Marcin Markisz|O|54
Dusan Mandat|O|54
Jan Spacek|O|53
Michal Indruch|O|53
Ian Clark|O|53
Krzysztof Kowalczyk|O|52
Connor McSherry|J|52
Tobias Dygryn|J|52
Mick Dakin|O|52
Paul Wetton|O|52
Ladislav Pusztai|O|52
Jennie Stone|O|52
Mark Walker|O|52
Roger Lait|O|52
Jakub Vicher|O|51
Glen Pickard|O|51
Wayne Marriott|O|51
Rex Bennett|R|51
Martin Donnelly|O|51
John Cooper|O|51
Anwar Ghazi|O|50
Andy Hope|O|50
Jirka Fousek|O|50
Vladimir Kvapil|O|50
Chris Allum|O|50
Ivo Perina|O|50
Mike Averill|O|50
Cyril van Gilst|O|50
Ron Whitney|O|49
Chris Hall|O|49
Mark Taylor|O|49
Libor Suhajda|O|48
Kev Gaunt|O|48
Simon Marriott|O|48
Bill Chaplin|O|48
Thea Batey|L|48
Rob Bates|O|47
Kenny Bird|O|47
Dan O'Donnell|J|47
Martin Armstrong|O|47
Giles Tibbits|O|47
Danny Roff|O|47
Steve Edmondson|O|47
Miroslav Stresinka|O|46
Svatopluk Koudelka|O|46
Steve Willingham|O|46
Sam Oakley|O|46
Jeff Palmer|O|45
Paul Burt|R|45
Alex Bird|O|45
Alexander Platt|O|44
Mike Isaac|O|43
Marie Kvapilova|J|43
Marcela Bolkova|L|43
Ales Mikulecky|O|42
Matthieu Smallegange|O|41
Steve Merrett|O|40
Maxine Farndon|L|40
Lee O'Keefe|O|39
Svatopluk Koudelka|O|37
Darren Holmes|O|32
Marta Ruzickova|L|DNF
Jason Lockett|O|DNF
Kyle Hampton|R|DNF

England - 273
Czech Republic- 261
Poland - 260
Scotland - 242

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Re: BSA International Championships 2017, Maldon, England

Postby Toucan59 » Sun 25. Jun 2017 19:41:55

Justin Grice|O|56|56|112
Dusan Mandat|O|54|57|111
Richard Woods|O|54|56|110
Gav Jones|O|55|55|110
Vince Holland|O|56|53|109
Simon Vant|O|55|54|109
Marcin Markisz|O|54|54|108
Krzysztof Kowalczyk|O|52|55|107
Paul Wetton|O|52|55|107
Roger Lait|O|52|55|107
Jennie Stone|O|52|54|106
Andy Hope|O|50|56|106
Jakub Bradac|O|54|51|105
Connor McSherry|J|52|53|105
Ian Clark|O|53|51|104
Tobias Dygryn|J|52|52|104
Jakub Vicher|O|51|53|104
Vladimir Kvapil|O|50|54|104
Jan Spacek|O|53|50|103
Martin Donnelly|O|51|52|103
Ladislav Pusztai|O|52|50|102
Wayne Marriott|O|51|51|102
Chris Allum|O|50|52|102
Michal Indruch|O|53|48|101
Steve Edmondson|O|47|54|101
Svatopluk Koudelka|O|46|55|101
Mick Dakin|O|52|48|100
Dan O'Donnell|J|47|52|99
Libor Suhajda|O|48|50|98
Thea Batey|L|48|49|97
Paul Burt|R|48|49|97
Miroslav Stresinka|O|46|51|97
Ron Whitney|O|49|45|96
Chris Hall|O|49|47|96
Simon Marriott|O|48|48|96
Bill Chaplin|O|48|48|96
Giles Tibbits|O|47|49|96
Sam Oakley|O|46|50|96
Mark Taylor|O|49|46|95
Alex Bird|O|45|50|95
Mike Averill|O|50|45|95
Jirka Fousek|O|50|44|94
Danny Roff|O|47|47|94
Rob Bates|O|47|47|94
Ivo Perina|O|50|43|93
Marie Kvapilova|J|43|50|93
Rex Bennett|R|51|41|92
Cyril van Gilst|O|50|42|92
Kenny Bird|O|47|44|91
Marcela Bolkova|L|43|47|90
Jeff Palmer|O|45|42|87
Alexander Platt|O|44|43|87
Ales Mikulecky|O|42|45|87
Mike Isaac|O|43|42|85
Svatopluk Koudelka|O|37|43|80
Matthieu Smallegange|O|41|36|77
Maxine Farndon|L|40|37|77
Mark Walker|O|52|0|52
Glen Pickard|O|51|DNF|51
John Cooper|O|51|0|51
Anwar Ghazi|O|50|0|50
Harry Kalaydjian|O|0|50|50
Kev Gaunt|O|48|0|48
Jason Lockett|O|DNF|48|48
David McCathie|O|0|48|48
Martin Armstrong|O|47|0|47
Steve Willingham|O|46|0|46
Marta Ruzickova|L|DNF|46|46
Matthew Green|O|0|46|46
Steve Merrett|O|40|0|40
Lee O'Keefe|O|39|0|39
Brandon Roff|J|0|38|38
Darren Holmes|O|32|0|32
Graham Mason|O|0|24|24
Emily Palmer|J|0|38|38

England - 547
Czech Republic- 526
Poland - 517
Scotland - 493

£10 - Marta Ruzickova
£20 - Sam Oakley
£20 - Jennie Stone

Air Chrony Chrono - Paul Wetton
BSA Gunbag - Andy Hope
BSA Goldstar - Ron Whitney

Now showing final Positions.
We would like to thank everyone who made this possible and those who helped throughout the weekend.

Big Thanks to Air Chrony for working with us all weekend and donating a chrono for the prizes.
HFT Masters will have Air Chrony chronos in use at all future events.

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