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What is WHFTO?

Posted: Tue 20. Sep 2016 22:04:10
by Kubajzz
World Hunter Field Target Organization joins people from all countries and unites HFT rules etc.........

Re: What is WHFTO?

Posted: Sun 23. Oct 2016 19:51:43
by poison dwarf
Hooray! About time too. When/where is the next "World" Competition? ( I dont mean the quasi-worlds held at Kelmarsh in the UK :) )

Re: What is WHFTO?

Posted: Fri 04. Nov 2016 9:50:17
by Laity
The next comp will be put on the main WHFTO web site as and when . Should not be too long until the details are up there for all to see. I myself cant wait !